Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Review on Stop Existing! Start Living!

Book: Stop Existing! Start Living! Discover Who And What You Are to Step Into Greatness and Abundance
Author: Baruch Silas
Publisher: Lulu Enterprises; I-Proclaim Press, USA
Pages: 228
Reviewer: Nedu William (Country Coordinator, Double Hedge Africa)

Baruch Silas’ book, Stop Existing! Start Living! Discover Who and What You to Live a Fulfilled Life anchors on the understanding the concept, process, challenges and benefits of self-discovery with reference to ones abilities, potentials, gifts and talents. It is a journey into the land of ones inherent genius.
Further, it is an eye-opener on how to develop and use the power of creativity, tools of success, set life transforming goals, get focused on goals and achieve ones purpose of creation.
The writer paints the picture of every individual being an actor employed by the Master Producer, God, to act a particular and unique script on earth before quitting the stage through death.

As I journey through the book, I see vividly the indispensable significance of self-discovery in the identification and fulfillment of ones life purpose, self-actualization and success attainment.
The discovery and application of ones purpose of creation imparts positively on the individual, family unit, religion, organization and the society at large.

The author discovered that millions of people merely exist but not living because they operate against their inherent genius which impedes progress, inner joy and satisfaction and self-fulfillment. He declares that many people are unhappy with their career and vocation while feel hollow within even when the world thinks they have made appreciable progress in life.
He, therefore, talks about the simple strategies for talent and self-discovery.
It is impossible to manifest what you don’t know you have.

He went further to introduce and discuss the three indestructible tools of success. Just as the farmer needs farm machinery to cultivate the land for a plenty harvest so is the one who is on the quest for success and fulfillment.

The writer makes another bold step as he declares in The Road of Life Purpose has Portholes, that one who dares to achieve abundance and greatness must develop strong wing to fly against obstacles and threats to self fulfillment.
Great things happen when people identify and understand deeply how to overcome these obstacles on the road of success.

Baruch in Practical Ways to Build Focus discusses the practical ways to avoid being distracted from ones life goals. When one is not where things are done well, things do not turn out well for him. For the achievement of success, greatness and fulfillment, one must learn and apply these strategies.

Any reader will be fascinated by the symbolism adopted by the author as he introduces how to Get the Power to Recreate Your World. He asserts that every individual possesses an inherent power of creativity irrespective of colour of skin, race, language or learning.
He disagrees with the popular parlance that ingenuity is the exclusive preserve of the geniuses. He teaches that when one activates the creative power in him, he would create everything else he needs to go to the highest level in life as well as impart humanity positively. Creativity is the breakfast of fulfilled people.

Explaining more, he introduces in How to Breed Great Ideas, the strategies to generate grand ideas that would transform ones life forever.
The ability to generate good ideas makes the difference between any two ordinary individuals and their achievements in life.


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