Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Self-Publish and Sell Free with Lulu

The dream of any literary creator is to see his work published and generate money from its sales.
Lulu makes that dream come through the Lulu Publishing Wizard.
PayPal payments may be made in Euros, GBP, or USD. All paper check payments are made in USD.
Authors who choose the payment by cheque option are paid quarterly while those for paypal are paid monthly.

You can self-publish your literary work at Lulu by following these steps:

Step 1

Sign up for an Author’s Account at www.lulu.com with your email and password

Step 2

Confirm your Account

Step 3

Log into your account and click on Publish
Select the type of project to publish-hardcover of paperback books

Step 4

On the 'Start a New Project' page enter a title and author name for your book. Select the 'Make it public and assign an ISBN to your title to sell your book in online bookstores like Amazon as well as the Lulu Marketplace' option. Click the 'Save & Continue' button.

Step 5

Select the “size and binding” options and Click the 'Save & Continue' button to move on to the next step.

Step 6

If you want a Lulu ISBN, click on the 'Get a free ISBN from Lulu.com' option. If you have an ISBN you purchased elsewhere click on the 'Add an ISBN you already own' option and fill out your ISBN information. Click ‘Save & Continue'

Step 7

A page with information about what to do with your ISBN and a download-able barcode for one-piece covers will display. Click 'Save & Continue'

Step 8

Upload the manuscript of your work

Step 9
Click 'Make Print-ready File'.

Step 10

Click the 'Download and Review' button to see that your document was converted properly and that it looks the way it should.
Click the 'Save and Continue' button to move on to the cover creator step.

Step 11

You will see ‘Themes’ Background and Pictures’ and ‘Text’
If you created images for your front and back cover separately, upload your images and click the 'Make Print-Ready Cover' button, then click 'Save and Continue'. If you created a one-piece cover, click the 'One-Piece Cover (advanced)' button, upload your cover there, and click the 'Save and Continue' button.

Step 12

Add your book description, author and title which must be in latin character if you intend to buy a distribution channel from Lulu

Step 13

Review your project. Click ‘save and finish’

Step 14

Click on ‘View my projects’ button
You can buy a distribution package.

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