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The Eight Benefits to Publish and Sell Free with Lulu

Before one decides on the company to use to self-publish his book, artwork or music, he considers the benefits to be derived.
Lulu is one of the self-publishing companies that publishes and sells thousands of literary works and products on its global marketplace.
These works are created by people from 80 different countries of the world.

There are two ways to publish at Lulu-buying any of the publishing packages or self-publishing your work by yourself.
For new authors with insufficient fund or who want to try out their hands on self-publishing could use the Lulu Publishing wizard for this.
However, if you but any of the publishing packages, you will get a free copy of your work in paperback; have your project edited and published with a better and beautiful cover than what you can get with the publishing wizard.

You have Control over Your Copyright

The author owns his copyright when he publishes with lulu and decides what happens to his work. You have a complete editorial and copyright control over your project as the creator.


International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is either a 13 or 10-digit unique number used to identify each literary work.
Although most authors do purchase ISBN elsewhere, Lulu makes available a free ISBN for authors who need one in the Lulu Publishing wizard. ISBNs are not for CDs, DVDs, calendars, or periodical publications (magazine, etc.).
If you are publishing a recurring product (for example, a monthly literary journal), you need an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). ISSNs are free.
An ISSN is an eight-digit number that uniquely identifies your periodical.
However, Lulu will be listed as the publisher while you will be listed as the author. This offer facilitates the self-publishing of your project.
Remember that in order to offer your book on sites other than Lulu you will need an ISBN and a Distribution package.

Free Different Cover Template

Lulu provides cover templates of various font types and colours for the front and back cover of your project. These templates are customized in a way that the author can input the title of work, subtitle, description, name of author, a blurb about the author and the book.
The creator of any project is allowed to adjust the font type and font size for the text.

Provision of an Author’s Spotlight

One distinguishing feature in self-publishing with Lulu is the provision of an author’s spotlight which is a webpage that shows all the published projects of an author in the paperback and e-book format with the prices, and a short description of each work.
It gives an overview of the author’s work and the profile of the author.
It has provision for headline, theme, audio link, photo of the author, video link, and link to other sites of the author or favourites.

Take a look at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/barock to see an example of an author’s spotlight.

Option of Paperback and Downloadable Format

Lulu makes available 2 publishing formats for self-published authors-paperback and e-book format.
This gives flexibility to the prospective customers and options to choose from.

Ability to set the Retail Price of Your Work

Although Lulu suggests the minimum retail price for your literary work, the creator of the project is free to set an acceptable price for his work which automatically determines the revenue as royalties to the author when he sells through Lulu and if he sells through other retailers through a distributed channel.

Opportunity to write and Upload a Review

The review of your literary work quickly and precisely offers the prospective buyer an insight about the theme of any work.
He gets a general understanding of what your book is all about, which informs his decision to buy or not to.
Lulu creates two options for the review of your book. One way is to allow Lulu to preview between 5 and 10 pages of your published work in serial or selective order to be set by you or to write and upload a review of your book.
Interestingly, Lulu distributes the review to other review as a way to attract customers to your work.

Opportunity to Revise Your Work

Lulu makes it easy to unpublish and revise your project and re-publish it. So, this helps you perfect your work as you desire.

Tip: You are limited on the changes you can make on your work in order to retain your ISBN. You cannot change the title of your book, the colour of the interior, trim size, and binding type.

Provision to Receive Your Royalty as a Cheque

PayPal is becoming the buzz in payment option for most online companies and transactions.
However, most countries are not listed by PayPal. It becomes difficult for people from such countries to do business with such companies.
Lulu adopts two royalty payment options-PayPal and cheque.
This options makes it easy for any author to publish at Lulu irrespective of your country.

Provision of a Thank You Note

Lulu makes available a short mail to be composed by the author to each buyer to express gratitude. This mail automatically reveals your email address and name.

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