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Free Sample of Book Review on The Irony of Love, Premarital Relationship

Book: The Irony of Love, Premarital And Extramarital Relationships
Author: Baruch Silas
Publisher: Lulu
Pages: 196
Reviewer: Dr. C.O. Uchegbu (Medical Director)

The non-fiction book, The Irony of Love, Premarital And Extramarital Relationships written by Baruch Silas is about love and relationships with reference to understanding the classes of love, building and maintaining healthy and sustainable relationships free of premarital sexual relations, cohabitation and extramarital infidelity.

The writer in The Power of Self-Worth, ventured into an allegory on romance and love by first establishing the power of self-worth, self-esteem, self-image and self-respect in regulation of love, premarital and extramarital relationships.
He declares that the opinion one has about himself determines to a large extent how one chooses his values, goals, love partner, formulate belief system and relates with the opposite sex in terms of acceptance of love advances and personal carriage.
When your individual self-worth is porous and fragile, you will suffer endless emotional and mental torture and humiliation in the hands of others.
Explaining further in How to Build Your Self-Image, one fully agrees with Baruch in the seven strategies discussed as ways to build and maintain an admirable personality.
Initially, he discussed all the ways whereby one looses his self-worth.

Baruch in Love and Infatuation reveals the transparent reasons which tilts infatuation against love because it harbours attributes that militate against healthy relationship.
He discusses the six indisputable sins of infatuation while revealing the admirable and sustainable character of love and its manifestations.
It is the responsibility of one who craves to enjoy a healthy relationship to imbibe, anticipate and practice these principles of romance and love to avoid heartbreak, hurt and bad memories.

Any reader will agree with the author that the bulk of the pain, emotional and physical damage experienced in love relationships is caused by a misunderstanding and misapplication of infatuation as love.
He confirmed these axioms by presenting verifiable confessions of those who have been burnt by the fires of infatuation and lust.

In Facing the Reality of Premarital Sexual Activity, the writer throws a bomb against the popular opinion that premarital sex and cohabitation are acceptable and normal in love relationships.
He argues that premarital sexual intimacy and cohabitation before marriage destroy the foundation of love and marriage thereby militates against a healthy and sustainable relationship.
Most times, when one of the partners wakes up to enthrone chastity and restraint into the relationship, it results in misunderstanding by the other partner, heated arguments and break-up.
The more sexually involved a male and a female become before marriage, the more difficult it is to develop genuine friendship, love or discuss sincerely about issues that significantly affect them such as values, interests, beliefs, and vision.

Moreover, the writer disagrees strongly with the accepted opinion that one indulges in premarital sexual activity only when there is a penetration.
He believes that every act that leads to the actual sexual intercourse make up premarital sex as the foreplay of kissing, fondling of body parts, touching of erotic zones and mutual masturbation and oral sex lead to sexual intercourse.

Baruch in Why We Must Abstain from Sex Before Marriage explored some reasons why youngsters and adult singles engage in premarital sexual activities and why and how to abstain until marriage even if one is a victim already.
He supports this stand point based on the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, health, and academic damages of premarital sex and cohabitation.
He strengthened it further with the confessions of those who are the victims of these effects.

The writer makes a bold impression on the reader as he discusses in How to Prevent Premarital Sexual Activities, the relationship strategies to adopt to remain chaste until marriage.
He declares how to break away from unhealthy relationship without breaking down which is usually the problem of many people.
Any reader will not help but notice the great force and passion of Baruch as he thrashes out the destructive effects of marital infidelity on the individual, family, friends and God and why couples give in to it.

Not everyone would agree with the author that no reason justifies the act of marital unfaithfulness.
However, he advises that the most potent alternative is not to run but flee from men and women who cannot keep their marriage vows.

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